Thought for the Day

“And I belive that design, currently the preoccupation of the few, will increasingly be seen by the many as a matchless opportunity for differentiation. Perhaps it will be perceived as Opportunity No. 1.”

Tom Peters


Tangram Strategic Design was founded in 1981 as an independent consulting company in the field of brand and corporate identity and communication.
We create branding strategies and tools for clients in both the Italian and international markets.
Our extensive experience spans a great many sectors (from industrial and commercial, to services and institutions) which enables us to have a broad view of problems, see the possibilities and search out solutions, in a world that is continuously evolving.


Strategic thinking, creativity, innovation, passion and great accuracy of design are the primary elements we use to help our clients effectively strengthen their identity and communication.
Tangram Strategic Design: creativity tailored to each client.


In 2012 we opened a new headquarter in Lugano catering to our Swiss clients and those from Northern Europe. Our Lugano office counts financial corporations, professional practices, institutions and local businesses amongst its clients.
The services at our Lugano branch are the same as those offered by our Italian office and there is a constant exchange of information and experience between the two.