Latest awards

Como the Electric Lake (Wolda, Award of Excellence)

FBO Food Bank in Oncology (Graphis, Silver Award)

FBO Food Bank in Oncology (Graphis, SIlver Award)

Atelier AMC (Graphis, Silver Award)
Made in Florence on GQ magazine

ADV campaign for Made in Florence on GQ magazine

Communication campaign on the craft and production excellence of the city of Florence.

Aligest logotype has been selected as a Silver Winner

Graphis has selected our entry as a Silver Winner. It will appear in the print Design Annual 2020.
Atelier AMC identity

Atelier AMC identity

The AMC Architects Studio in Lugano is ten years old, and to mark the occasion, they have decided to redefine their corporate identity.

Korff Foundation

The Key visual for the pharmacy launch of a new, multi-ethnic, foundation stick. The modern, attractive image is based on a parlour game from the early 1900s, in which a number of different features were combined.
The Specialist

The Specialist

How to create an unforgettable event? The union of two companies focused on quality and innovation to a new range of services.