Seat, Pagine Gialle

Project for the new design on the covers of "Pagine Gialle Casa e Lavoro" (Yellow Pages Home and Work). Tangram Strategic Design is the consultancy that had already developed the first project for "Pagine Gialle" (Yellow Pages) together with the new rapid access and consultancy systems.
The image of the new Pagine Gialle Casa e Lavoro has been designed so as to communicate the new uses of this well-known instrument and to strengthen the position of a leader always ready for evolutions in the market.

Study of a new image for Pagine Gialle Professional, business-to-business tool targeted to professional buyers. The project’s aim was to maintain a strong bind with the “Pagine Gialle” brand and, simultaneously, create a high-bracket segmentation for users.

The objectives of the redesigning of the product were: creating a new layout for four-colour printing, defining volume access codes and page-orientation codes, improving the readability of the text, redefining the format of advertisements and creating new formats to fully exploit the introduction of colour. The new covers, while guaranteeing continuity with the "Pagine Gialle" brand, re-launch the role of the new directories in a more user-friendly mode.