International Corporate Identity Zambon

The project for redefining the international Corporate Identity of the pharmaceutical company Zambon and of the subsidiaries Zach and Zcube took a year of work.

The aim of the project was to redefine and update the Corporate Identity of the company, by developing an international system that provided indications and tools to be able to use and manage the Zambon identity coherently and effectively throughout the world.

To face the challenges of the 21st century, we developed new, traditional and digital, identity and communication tools and integrated them into the system.

The project began with an analysis of what there was, and with a series of interviews with top and middle managers, to understand their demands, the particular needs of their areas of competence and the difficulties they had encountered when using the existing materials.

After this analysis, a strategic operating plan was defined, that was implemented together with Zambon’s Corporate division.

The design and development of Zambon’s new Corporate Identity was then adjusted and applied
to its subsidiaries, Zach and Zcube, taking into consideration the particular characteristics of each one.

We created 3 new Corporate Identity manuals, with digital archives for the templates, with a total of 633 pages, in order to regulate and standardise all of the ways in which the new systems are applied.