The project to revise the brand identity and packaging system of Geffer, by Bayer, an important co-market leader in the segment of oral medicines for nausea, bloating and stomach ache, stems from the need to make the Geffer brand more modern, by communicating the values of the product’s effectiveness and its fast action.

The packaging system has been changed, to make it self-explanatory, by introducing the silhouette of a human figure, where the stomach, and Geffer’s triple-action effervescent flow, which quickly eliminates all problems, appear.

The logotype has been redesigned with this in mind, to make it more modern and to communicate trust, reliability and effectiveness.

In addition, the colour scheme has been recalibrated, to make the product more visible at sales outlets, under cold pharmacy lighting.

The new brand identity and packaging system create greater synergy and conceptual coherence with Geffer’s positioning, attracting a younger user group.