“I Provenzali” is an extended line of natural cosmetics and toiletries sold in department stores and in specialised retailers.

After the “I Provenzali” brand was purchased by
the company Mirato, the need arose to review the Packaging System, in order to reposition the brand, giving it a higher quality, more modern image, for that broad segment of careful, conscious consumers who look for moderately-priced, natural and organic products.

The new packaging system required a review of the Brand Identity and definition of the “lavender” colour code, which characterises the trademark in all of its applications and creates greater conceptual/naturalistic coherence with the Brand Name “I Provenzali”.

The Packaging System uses fonts in an elegant and qualitative manner, bringing the botanical ingredients to the forefront, portraying them falling into the preparation of the product.

The elegant, formal neatness and clarity of the information are the strengths of this new line of cosmetic products.