Molteni Packaging System

The company Molteni Farmaceutici produces medicines with opioids, morphine and methadone.
The job of redefining the packaging system of all of Molteni Farmaceutici’s ethical medicines had many problems, because of the danger of these products being improperly used.

The request for a total redesign of the packaging system stemmed from the need to create a precise hierarchy of information, with the ingredients and doses clearly shown, to prevent any administration errors on the part of healthcare and medical personnel.

With these considerations, we created a new packaging system that highlights the therapy area, the dose of the active ingredient, the pharmaceutical form and the warnings.

At the same time, a goal of the new system is to create a line of modern and efficient packaging that codifies the use of Molteni’s corporate image.

All of the new packaging system is governed by a packaging manual that examines, codifies and defines all of the possible items, present and future, in the company’s range.

Packaging system, packaging manual