It was Campari’s intention to carry out a restyling of this aperitif liqueur, very well-known but penalized at length by a modest tone and an obsolete image, limited to an adult male target with a strong propensity to “machismo”.

The brief requested us to: redefine the brand, conferring credibility and nobility to it, position the product in a more current, younger and broader area, keep and enhance the product’s credentials, safeguarding the values the market was already familiar with. All the above needed to be summarised in the image of the bottle and of the entire product-system, with a multi-level operation involving distribution, trade and - obviously - the consumers.

The entire range of gadgets and merchandising was also created: ashtrays, cocktail guides for bar staff and the public, bar mats, glasses and gift for agents. The project succeeded in safeguarding the original properties, and focused on redesigning the “B”- more elegant and modern and placed within a coat of arms with a gold background. As regards colours, the yellow was kept, but in a warmer tone; the logotype, on the other hand, was redesigned with the addition of a diagonal stripe, to make the brand more dynamic and modern. The back label lists a variety of possible uses, also in diluted form, making the product more accessible.

After the launch of the new system, the product immediately enjoyed a positive market reaction, and its sales grew by 10%, ending a downtrend of almost ten years.