Chiquita contacted us to solve the problem of two lines of fruit juices that that weren’t performing appropriately. The psycholinguistic and motivational study we commissioned showed that the packaging was perceived as dated, industrial and commonplace, further burdened with the presence of writing in several languages.
However, positive perception of the Chiquita company-brand was confirmed.
Therefore, we concentrated our efforts on a new and complete brand architecture, and on redefining the packaging system.
The company-brand was enlarged and enhanced, by means of the introduction of a yellow background (strongly evocative of bananas).
We then redesigned the sub-brand logotypes for the Tropicals line, based on tropical fruits, and the Vitality line, enriched with vitamins, and classifiable as a health drink.
To distinguish the personality of the two lines more effectively, we chose to differentiate colours and images. Warm lighting and fruit in the foreground, with a very realistic effect, for the Tropicals line; a play of perspectives for the Vitality line, to enhance the concept of space and add a dynamic quality.
Lastly, the information provided on the ingredients was simplified, also resorting to a careful selection of fonts and colours.
Based on the focus groups carried out after the changes, the brand emerged as strong and reassuring, and both product lines were perceived as up-to-date and easy to identify. Sales tests carried out with retail chain buyers throughout Europe were also positive, and were subsequently confirmed by actual sales.

Based on the results achieved, we created the “Frutta & Lode” line, addressed to the channel, which incorporated the codes of the two main lines, and the “Junior” line for children: banana-based fruit juices in different flavours, safeguarding a family feeling, while focusing on the interaction and play among ingredients.

Ice cream
Restyling of the Chiquita ice cream packaging system.
The client brief required a repositioning of the product which could communicate pleasure and its high fruit content, while safeguarding the cheerful overall mood, albeit in a more modern key and in full respect of the brand’s values.
A naming research led to the selection of “Frullati di Frutta”.
The proposed solution features a dynamic and very lively layout, with a bright palette of colours. The new facing is dominated by a mouth-watering fruit -shake twister, in which fruit spins around the ice cream in the foreground. The colours chosen are warm and summery.