The Cailler chocolates were repositioned trought a new frame of references in a more precious world.
This type of visual coordination works on the mood (type, color, flag) and not on strong elements.
Every pack is different for a different type of destination. Rappresentative gift, formale gift, self indulgence, snobish product.

Cailler is a historical chocolate brand. Established in 1819, the company is today part of international group Nestlé. We were commissioned to design a new packaging system to coordinate assortment chocolate gift boxes.
The brief requested us to: reposition Cailler’s image to the high quality bracket, emphasise the brand, preserve the product’s function as a gift, enhance the perception of tradition/exclusiveness, underline the “Made in Switzerland” quality, avoiding commonplace representations.
The project was sparked by a study conducted in the charming town of Broc, where Cailler’s headquarters is located, aimed at verifying the brand’s historical and cultural matrices. Our reframing process included the recovery or invention of reference points, through which to enhance the perception of the Cailler brand. The main elements of coordination of the new packaging system are: brand, lettering, and a particular mood evoked by shapes and colours. However, each package is predominantly addressed to one specific target group.

“In a broadly stable market, and considering the selective distribution of high-price boxes such as Cailler’s, the result should be considered as very satisfactory; also, the gap with high-image competitor Lindt was significantly narrowed”.
Cailler Product Manager.