IFM Infomaster

As well as in the IT sector, IFM is also active in the call-centre business. On the back of this latter sector’s expansion, the company achieved sharp growth thanks to the creation of a call-centre software, less expensive and more powerful than the traditional electromechanical systems, and for which size is not an issue. We took on the study of the company’s new corporate identity focusing on its core values, i.e. its vocation to innovation and its vision of the future, designing a trademark which suggests how IFM is always exploring new horizons. The C.I. research project then continued with the drafting of a Standard Manual for use of the trademark, and the development of all the related communication tools.

The new Corporate Identity project for IFM Infomaster derives from the need to inform customers and prospects about the company’s new positioning in multimedia call centres.

The brochure was designed by counter-positioning double images explaining IFM Infomaster’s project-related philosophy. Certain concepts have been extrapolated in the company profile to create an immediate awareness of the message. The images used create a great impact.