Meda Pharma - Biomineral, Biothymus

Biomineral and Biothymus are two lines of dietary supplements produced by Meda Pharma that help to counter hair loss. We analysed the market to be able to define and develop the repositioning of both lines, which are made up of 5 sub-brands, with a total of 16 products.

Then, we developed a new packaging system to visually unite the Biomineral and Biothymus brands, creating the perception that they are part
of the same product line, where one is the systemic, and the other the topical product, thereby associating how they are used with them. As a result, sales have increased because consumers purchase the system made up of two products.

We developed all of the POP materials for pharmacies and doctors, and the communication campaigns.

Brand architecture
Brand identity
Brand name
Packaging design
POP material
Digital media