We have been taking care of the Italian Theosophy Society’s visual image for many years. We work completely pro-bono, our efforts are based solely
on voluntary work, like all the other activities organised by the Society.

We began our collaboration by modifying the visual format of the Italian magazine, and later visually modernised their book series and curated the visual image of their seminars.

When approaching the project of modification and redefinition of their visual image we wanted to keep clear of the over-used New Age style and from
the excessive seriousness of volumes on the subject
of philosophy and religion.

We targeted a younger audience in order to make even the toughest volumes more accessible by using simple, direct and conceptual visual communication skills.

We therefore chose modern graphics which
none the less paid tribute to the style of the Italian Theosophical Society.

Our work generated positive feedback from the international theosophical community.