Telecom & Capital Express

This company, active in the IT sector, has developed a very successful network access security protocol. Such success sparked the need for a change in image, made all the more urgent by the cryptic nature of the company’s old name. Our research identified security as the founding value of the enterprise. Thus we took on the substantial task of defining the company’s corporate identity moving from this very concept, focusing first on naming, and selecting “Egida” as a self-explicative and evocative choice, combined with the tag-line “”. All the above was then extensively elaborated across all the other elements, including logo, brand, website, and all the traditional communication tools.

As part of the new corporate identity, the site was conceived with a double surfing structure that also allows surfing crosswise between the links in the text; in fact, the home page does not have a classical menu, but a brief text, which contains the first level links.
The background, with its curved shape, recalls Egida’s new logo, a shield defending against external intrusion.