The Specialist

Our customers: are always THE CENTER of our project.

“THE SPECIALISTS” is composed by two professional companies working for many years
in the field of events organization, communication, corporate identity and branding:

Tangram Strategic Design
Borsani Comunicazione

For more than 30 years we have been working for different projects and consulting not only in Italy but also Europe, and extra-European countries.
“THE SPECIALISTS” has network partners in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, England, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, USA, Brazil, China and Japan.


Tangram Strategic Design was founded in 1981
as an independent consulting company in the corporate identity and branding field. We work
to redefine existing product and company brands, helping them to become stronger, unique, and more distinctive and coherent with their positioning.
We create strategies and tools for branding the marketing mix, to launch new brands on the Italian and international markets.
Our long experience, which crosses many sectors (from the industrial and commercial, to services and institutions) enables us to have a broad view
of problems, and of the possibilities and solutions, in a world that is continuously evolving.
We are partner of the BCC Design Studio network created by the Dentsu Agency in Tokyo.

Borsani Comunicazione is a PR, events organization and marketing consulting company with 23 years
of experience working for national and international Companies, Associations and Institutions.
Over the years, the company has specialized
in developing communication projects and events for international companies through a network of agencies.
Borsani Comunicazione’s agile and flexible structure allows creating communication plans that are calibrated and can be personalized in accordance with the requests of each customer. Detailed analysis of the single customer business permits Borsani Comunicazione to model the services on the basis of the client’s real needs. The company manages the relationship with its clients only through specialized senior consultants.

Borsani Comunicazione has its office in the center of Milan near the fashion district, and Tangram Strategic Design is in Novara, Piemonte and the second office in Lugano, Switzerland.